This DIY Yeezy Knit Boots Trick Is Saving Folks $890

If you’ve been fiending for something Yeezy and can’t afford a darn thing in the collection, we’re here to help.

Especially if you’re planning on going full Kardashian for Halloween.

By now, you’ve likely seen the $895 Yeezy Season 2 Knit Ankle Booties on Kylie’s Instagram, or on Kourtney as she walks through a field of paps, or on Kim all the time.

If you’re like us, you’ve seen the price tag, cried into your iced coffee, and resigned yourself to be being bootie-less.

Luckily, the wonderfully weird world of the internet has figured out a way to make these babies at home. There are a lot of iterations out there on how to DIY them, but they’re all generally the same: you pull socks over your pumps, cut a hole for the heels, and reinforce the bottom.

Via:  (Huffington Post)


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