Mom posts note from teacher who asked her to stop putting so much coconut oil in her daughter’s hair

img_3224Via:  (Sandra Rose)

Some people are too ignorant for words. A teacher’s note asking a mother to be considerate of other children has somehow been turned into an attack on black culture.

It all started when a Chicago teacher sent a note home with a student asking the child’s mom to go lightly on the coconut oil she put in her daughter’s hair because the smell was disturbing the other students.
The mother, Tionna Norris, posted the teacher’s note on her Facebook page.

The note was not inappropriate or rude. The teacher wrote:

“I understand the necessary of coconut oil on Amia’s hair, but please do not use as much. The children were complaining that her hair “stinks.” If you have to apply this daily — please do so lightly, so the kids don’t tease her. Thank you for understanding.”

Like a typical angry black woman, Norris took offense to the note. She claims she applies a copious amount of the loud-smelling grease to Amia’s hair to “moisturize” and “control breakage”.

But anyone with common sense knows that copious amounts of hair grease only attracts dirt which adds to the breakage problem by drying out the hair.

You moisturize hair from the inside by drinking lots of water.

Norris arrogantly promised to apply “the same amount of coconut oil” to Amia’s hair, adding that the teacher was “gone feel that black girl magic” and she signed her note, “Sincerely, unapologetically black mom. P.s. Coconut oil has no stinky smell.”

Norris can’t even admit that coconut oil hair grease has a sweet pungent odor.

Don’t be surprised if the school suspends Amia over her mother’s ignorance.


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