Wanda James First Black Woman To Own A Marijuana Dispensary In Colorado

“Wanda James has worn many hats in the past few decades as a corporate executive, serial entrepreneur, commissioned military officer, restauranteur, and member of President Obama’s national finance committee, but her most impressive triumph?  Becoming the first and only Black woman in Colorado to own a marijuana dispensary.

Fueled by the injustice she witnessed within the Black community and the many African American men and women whose lives were changed for the worst after being labeled a felon for simple possession (while there are Caucasian men making millions off of the plant in other parts of the country), she set out to open Simply Pure dispensary in Denver, Colorado, and is still working tirelessly to change the perception of recreational marijuana.

Since it is 4/20, it was only right that we caught up with the woman who proudly calls herself a “stiletto stoner.” #Mediaoutrage #Melanin #blackwomen #BlackGirlMagic #blackgirlsrock #blackexcellence #wandajames” (via @mediaoutrage )

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