Colin Kaepernick Comments On Presidential Debate Candidates

img_2681(Via:  USA Today)

Kaepernick must heed a voice of reason, and he has one in Harry Edwards, the civil rights activist who works with the 49ers and helped convince Kaepernick to stop wearing the socks with cartoon pigs dressed as policemen.



“Freedom of speech and the processes of democratic elections are awesome blessings of freedom — and burdens of responsibility,’’ Edwards said told USA TODAY Sports by text message. “Words matter!’’

In other words, Kaepernick needs to be more careful of what comes out of his mouth, even though Edwards said Kaepernick had a valid point.

There’s no compelling reason, Edwards said, to believe Trump’s “law-n-order’’ remedy or Clinton’s education and job training proposals will address racism. But Kaepernick’s comments came across as shrill and lacked nuance and could cost him the growing support he needs to affect real change.

“(His) abilities to articulate his analyses has not yet caught up to his abilities to formulate those analyses,’’ Edwards said. “But he’s learning.’’

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